MADE BY HUMANS explores the ongoing dialogue between technology and human craftsmanship, initiating conversations around how technological integration might challenge traditional notions of ‘hand-crafted’.

Inspired by the increase of AI technology in design landscapes, this piece questions where the boundaries lie (or if they exist at all) in defining handmade creations amidst technological influence. MADE BY HUMANS challenges viewers to consider whether the integration of technology enriches or diminishes the “human-made” essence in the creative process.

Beginning as a meticulously crocheted handmade creation, the piece then evolves to highlight its technological underpinnings. The integration of ‘behind-the-scenes’ technology into the main display draws attention to the often-unseen role of technology within handmade creations, highlighting its significance alongside the artisan’s craft.

Our piece questions whether the integration of technology “dilutes” the authenticity of human-made/handcrafted creations, or does it serve as a facilitator, offering a roadmap for human expression to manifest? We refrain, however, from taking a stance in this debate. Instead, our aim is to spark introspection, inviting viewers to consider the historical and future landscapes where technology and human craftsmanship converge.

We are pleased to be exhibiting “MADE BY HUMANS” at Stackt Market during the 2024 DesignTO festival.